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Leloo::Male::8 Months::Complete

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Leloo::Male::8 Months::Complete

Post by Leloo on Thu May 18, 2017 4:04 pm

Leloo ✰ Male ♂ ✰ 8 Months ✰ Average ✰ 29 February (1 Minute Before March:: Leap Year) ✰ Year One

As mentioned earlier Leloo loves running, and although he is young he does have a fairly good muscle build. He has beautiful fur, white and soft. If you look hard enough his eyes hold a lot of pain but it's covered by a beautiful turquoise blue. It can be hard to tell if a person's smile is real or fake, with Leloo its not so hard, his eyes glimmer when his smile is real. He hardly ever laughs, but his eyes make up to that. Although Lleoo is very athletic he has a particular weakness, he has serious asthma. It affects him if he strains his lungs, meaning that he has to train them up. But because he does train his lungs it rarely affects him in when running.  

Personality: Although Leloo can impress you with his athletic skills, he has many deep secrets. Leloo can make friend easily as long as they make the first move. He waits for someone to approach him before anything else. If no one approaches him then he will sit in a corner by himself. Though this may seem childish to Leloo it comes naturally; he would rather seem Queer and Mysterious rather than a right fool. Leloo can be quick to answer back and can be mischievous as long as he has someone with him. He knows that if he had no friends he would be not only on his own but a no one too. As mentioned before Leloo is very Athletic. He loves to run, so long as he is running the coming wind can wipe his burdens away, though it cant wipe him away and he knows that he is the biggest burden of them all. He wants to be a Biblos when he is older.

History: Leloo was born on the 1st March, well, he would be if it was not a leap year, so he was born at the last minute of the 29th February. He was first born, his siblings were born on the 1st of March. This had no particular effect on Leloo, but he does like to mention it. Most of his pain comes from his mother. She left him the second he was born. She ignored him all through his life, and must have told his siblings to do so too because they all ignored him too. His father never really showed up, must have cleared off. Leloo never found out why his mother ignored him, or anything about his father- after all he had no one to ask. Leloo had made one friend in his whole (short but significant) life. She was a cute little pup who had amazing green eyes she was called Amy. Very very unfortunately to Leloo she died of some disease which the name is too long to write. As you can imagine Leloo felt so lonely- he cried for days, he would not eat or drink. He recovered for some time, but a pang of pain came to him whenever he thought of her. If he ever sees a potential friend and thinks maybe he could go up to them he immediately feels disrespectful to Amy. With no one to talk to or encourage him Leloo stayed reserved and a socially awkward pup. A few weeks ago Leloo managed to understand the difference between pain and hate. He thought he hated Amy for dying. He thought he hated the medicine wolf for not being able to save her. He thought he hated the disease. But worst of all he thought he hated himself for what happened. But really it was all pain and grief. This is a very big thing to take in for such a small pup and has raised many uncertainties.

Leloo ✰ Removed by Admin ✰ Leloo[/b]

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Re: Leloo::Male::8 Months::Complete

Post by Alpha Luna on Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:52 pm

He is excepted into vagabounds! You can leave your username as Leloo, but feel free to change It to vagabound Leloo. Enjoy:)

Alpha Luna

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