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Post by Alpha Luna on Wed May 03, 2017 6:43 am

>-<Luna>-< 7K77000A
Luna ✰ Female ♀ ✰ 3 ✰ Average ✰ Born in March ✰ Year One

Appearance: Although she is average size, she has lots of muscle. She is built primarily for strength and endurance, and although speed isn't her main strength she isn't slow. She has a distinctive birthmark from her father on her front left paw which looks slightly like a heart. She has piercing amber/brown eyes and large fangs. Her paws are strong, although tend to get sore if she walks or fights for a long time (although she would never say this or complain). She has soft white and grey fur, and looses some of it in Summer to cool her. Her fur also makes her look slightly bigger than she is. She has strong, sharp fangs good for tearing off pieces of meat and for biting in a fight. Following a similar description are her claws, which she likes to make sure are always sharp which makes hunting larger animals easier. However, her claw on her right-paw pinkie goes only half way as it was broken. She is trying to regrow it, although it is hard as the rough surfaces always naturally files her claws.

Personality: Luna is tough, but if you can turn her over you never know, you might be suprised. She tries to block everyone else out, to keep her feelings and emotions locked away so that they will never bother her again, and just to focus on the task at hand. But sometimes, occasionally, a little crack is opened and lets a little bit out. If you know Luna, really know her, you might know how to tackle her to help her, but doing it the wrong way could shut you out forever. Moon is very focused and hardworking, and to some she might look like she just does work like a robot, and doesn't have any feelings. Although that has a grain of truth, it's more she has shut her feelings out because of the pain they caused her in the past and has gotten good at just ignoring them. Someone special might get close enough to her to reveal her past, and perhaps help her see that showing emotions and aging them isn't bad. Whether that be a friend, an adopted pup or a potential mate, it all depends. She is the alpha of Lupas, and so she doesn't have a wanted rank. Also, she is cleaver, brave and is good at problem solving, although only brave enough to share her problems and past with someone who was very close to her. And while there is evil out there in the world, she will fight it.

History: Luna was born into a pack were she had to hide her feelings. As a pup, if you disagreed with anything you would be severely punished. She got the tare in her ear from when she was apprentice age, just for missing a pidgin when hunting. She carried on through life, suppressing her emotions from the world, but still feeling everything strongly inside of her. In her spare time, she thought of plots to get back on her family and the pack for everything that they had done to her, but of corse never carried them out for fear of punishment.

Her pack boasted that they had the bravest and most loyal members, but most were just half-scared to death about what their own pack members would do to them if they didn't obey. Almost all would bolt and run given the chance, but Luna was determined that one day she would stand up to them in one way or another. This was unheard of, and when she suggested it to the others who wanted to leave they acted just like what the other pack members that they were trying to get away from acted like! Any new idea, or rather any idea that isn't their own, is bad and the source the the "bad" ideas must be scrumpled up and thrown away. Moon was repulsed, and decided to do it her own way without anyone else.

Then she met Ateela from the other pack. They met up and became close friends. Luna thought that she had finally found a wolf that she could trust and speak freely to. They talked about all sorts, and one day Luna opened up and told her about what the pack really was like. That most of the members wanted to revolt, but weren't too scared to incase of punishment. The next day she told Ateela about all her plots that she hadn't tried, and about how one day she would take over and make it a better, nicer pack. She even told her specific names of people who were more apposed, however Luna made clear that she didn't want to leave or anyone's get hurt because her parents were there and they were really kind. They shared all their secrets, all their problems, or so she thought. The day after that, Moon showed Ateela around the pack and this moment, Ateela chose to strike.

There was an ambush, right in the middle of camp, and no one was prepared for it. Luna's parents were killed infront of her very eyes, and the rest of the pack members were killed or fled. The last thing she could remember about Ateela, and her past, was Ateela standing over her parents dead body's covered in blood. "But this is what you wanted, wasn't it?" She screeched in a cruel laugh, and then Moon ran. No one even bothered to chase her.  

>-<Luna>-< Chitomppics

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Post by Admin on Sat May 13, 2017 8:59 pm

You are excepted! (lol how sad is this I'm talking to myself)

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