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The Packs and Ranks

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The Packs and Ranks Empty The Packs and Ranks

Post by Admin on Mon May 01, 2017 7:35 pm

Pack ranks in order of importance. The number tells the max amount of wolves that can have this rank (but that can change depending on pack size). -- means unlimited. Sets are just used to generally describe what rank you are.

Set 1

Alpha (1): The alpha is the leader of the pack. He decides all other ranks, and can change them at any time. Wolves must show great respect to this rank. Alpha is usually a male but not always.

Beta (1): Second in command to the alpha. If the alpha(s) are away, he might temporarily take over. If the alpha dies without a sentinel (or with a sentinel who is too young enough), the beta will become alpha and can change all ranks accordingly, although usually doesn't. Beta is usually a male but not always.

Medicine Wolf (1): This wolf looks after the sick and injured. They are very respected,and are closer to the ancestors than any other wolf. Occasionally, the ancestors might send them a vision or dream to the medicine wolf. They would report this to the alpha, unless the have a reason not to. A trip to the medicine wolf can heal up to 100% of health. They should judge how long the wound/illness takes to heal, if at all. 

Co-alpha (1): This is the alpha's mate. If female, she is sometimes referred to as the alpha female. Not as much power as the alpha, but still much respected. The co-alpha may run the pack for a short time if needed, for example if the main alpha is female and is nursing pups or is away.

Delta (1): This wolf is the lead hunter/warrior. They organise and accompany wolves on occasional pack hunts, especially near festive times, even though most wolves hunt for themselves. They also make sure that every member is contributing to the pack, and that those who can't hunt for themselves get fed.

Set 2

Advisers (3): These are wolves that are 7 years or older, and are highly respected. Retired alphas often become advisers, and they are usually always very wise. Although any wolf can go to the advisers for advise, it is mainly the alphas asking about running the pack.

Co-beta (1): This is the beta's mate. They don't hold as much authority but still respected. If the beta was a female and nursing pups, or the beta was away, they might take over until they were able to continue. If the co-beta is a female, they are sometimes called the beta female.

Sentinel (2) There are two sentinels in the pack. Each wolf is specially chosen by the alphas and betas. The alpha and beta train the sentinels to take their places if anything should happen to them. The sentinels, since they can start as early as 6 months, don't usually have authority over the pack unless the alpha or beta have publicly given it to them. This rank is basically apprentice to the alpha and beta. They are respected though. Messing with a sentinel is messing with the alphas and betas themselves. The sentinel to the alpha are always the alphas offspring if available, and the sentinel to the beta is also usually the alphas offspring but can be from the betas. These grow up to be the next main alpha and beta, and so are usually male but aren't always. If a sentinel takes over as alpha, they can change all ranks accordingly and so do not have to keep the other sentimental or the current beta. The alphas and betas train them like every other apprentice, but with the intention of one day taking over alpha and beta. This training usually takes longer than most apprentices and can last right up until the alpha/beta retire or die. Because of this, they may be given some authority once they have completed their training. And, like others, they can also hold other ranks as well as this one.

Medicine Assistant (1): This is the assistant to the medicine wolf. They had once been the apprentice, but the medicine wolf thought that they were ready so we're upgraded to medicine Assistant. When the medicine wolf dies or retires, they will take over. A trip to the medicine assistant can heal up to 50% of health. They should judge how long the wound takes to heal, and if the wolf should see the Medicine Wolf instead.

Biblos (2): These are the book keepers of the pack. They collect and study any books left behind by humans, and are very good at reading. Wolves may come to them sometimes to get information.

Spy/Scout (2): These wolves are the spy/scouts. They scout out possible new lands, and can spy on others if needed. They are often fast, very good at sneaking up and are able to blend in well with the surroundings.

Set 3

Warriors (4): These are the main fighters and defenders of the pack. They guard the food pile, and run around the pack boarders to accept those worthy and chase away those that aren't. However, new wolves must be taken to see the alpha or beta to be given their rank. Once accepted by a warrior they are officially inside the pack, but are treading on light ground as they don't even have any rank yet.

Elders (--): These are retired wolves, who can no longer serve their pack as Well as they used to due to injury or old age. They are wolves generally 7 and up, however they can retire at any age. They often like to tell stories to the pups, and wolves can go to them for advice. They are respected for all their years of service to the pack, and treated well.

Subordinates (--): These are the bulk of the pack. They hunt, fight, and do whatever else is needed of them. Some try to get higher ranks, and others try for achievements. And others are content and just get on with their lives.

Pup Watchers (3): Although they are quite a low rank, they are still just as important as the rest. Their ranks is only just about under subordinates. Just because they look after the pups, this doesn't mean that they are weak. Quite the contrary in fact. They are expected to be soft and gentle, but also tough and strong as to protect the young pups from beasts and other wolves. Pups are moved into the care of the pupwatchers at 4 months old. The alpha decides which pup is assigned to which pupgiver, although there can be suggestions on both sides. They try to keep siblings together, especially if they are close with each other, but it depends on pup numbers and pup watcher numbers in the pack.

Set 4

Apprentices (--): Pups become apprentices at about 6 months old. At this age, they normally always stay with some wolf, this being usually the pup watcher or their mentor, but occasionally another wolf (e.i their parents, an adult friend). Any rank and wolf can take on an apprentice although being an apprentice to, for example, a warrior doesn't mean you will defiantly become a warrior (although their is more chance). Apprentice training usually focus on their mentors rank, however the mentor is expected to teach a wide range of skills. Training time depends on the pup and the rank, although there is a minimum of 9 months training. When the mentor thinks the apprentice ready, they get the alpha or beta to test them. If the apprentice does well enough, the alpha can make them a subordinate. The alpha decides who is mentor and apprentice. Each wolf can have a maximum of two apprentices, but the medicine wolf can only have one. The alpha and the beta can only have one sentinal each, so if they have another apprentice then they are just normal apprentices. Omegas cannot have an apprentice, and although subordinates can have apprentices they tend not to.

Pups (--): These are wolves under 6 months. They are the future of the pack, so must be protected carefully. Pups under 8 weeks cannot be played until they are 8 weeks old due to a high mortality rate and because they don't do much at this young age. At 4 months they leave their mother and go to the pup watchers. Here is a wolf pup development cycle

Omega (--): These are new wolves which perhaps aren't trusted, wolves which show overly submissive behaviour or those who commit a crime or deed and their punishment is omega-ship. They are last to eat, and must be submissive and respectful toward the rest of the pack. later

Another codeword is: chocolate
Please include it in your sign ups

Non-pack Ranks

Vagabond (--): Those wolves who left their own pack by choice or who haven't joined one yet.

Rouges/Loners (--): Theese are wolves that have been kicked out of the pack. Loners tend to wonder by themselves, but rogues normally are 2-4 wolves. They will be chased off pack territory on sight.

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