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Fighting Guidlines

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Fighting Guidlines

Post by Admin on Mon May 01, 2017 7:34 pm

The fight will be judged by an admin or a moderator. These are the basic rules, but some exceptions may need to be judged separately (example, blind or deaf wolf). Fights should be fun, so don't get overly competitive OCC! Surprised

Large and X-Large size have a +2 strength bonus
Average size have a +1 speed and +1 strength bonus
Small and X-Small size have a +2 speed bonus

Smaller wolves have more chance of hitting, and bigger wolves do more damage with each shot.
Players state their move, and the other player dodges or counter-attacks. Once the other player has replied, you cannot edit
your post. If the other player decides to dodge from your attack, then your attack automatically fails. If however they decide to counter-attack, a dice would roll to see if they hit you and if you hit them.

A character can dodge your attack then use counter-attack, however this reduces the damage they inflict if they hit by 20% for that round (round any decimals up). It also stops them from using any sort of move (dodge, attack or counter attack) on the next move.

Example: Sally lunged, raising her claws to scrape Luke's face.
              Luke dodged, growling, and got ready for another attack.

So in this example, Sally tried to attack Luke but he dodged out of the way, so no one lost any health points.

If the dice rolls 1 or 2, X-Large and Large will hit.

If the dice rolls 1, 2 or 3 Average will hit.

If the dice rolls 1, 2, 3 or 4 Small and X-Small will hit.

If an attack hits, these are the damage points that will be inflicted:

For X-Large to Large, 5 Health Points are lost for each dice number (example, 1=5HP, 2=10HP, 3=15HP...)

For Average, 4 Health Points are lost for each dice number.

For Small to X-Small, 3 Health Points are lost for each dice number.


Sally is average size and Luke is small

Sally lunges and aims for a scratch on Luke's coat.
Luke turned to see Sally flying toward him, and aimed his own claws toward her paws.

Sally's attack rolled 5, so she missed.
Luke's attack rolled 4, so he hit. The dice then rolled 2, so he did 6 damage to Sally.

A moderator or admin will judge every 6 posts. You must wait for a mod or admin to reply every 6 posts. If the other player hasn't replied within 3 days without giving a reason, the fight is forfeit to you.

Put Fudge as a codeword

Reasons to fight

A wolves can fight for many reasons, but each reason and fight will come into one of these categories.

Practice- just a friendly fight to test each other's abilities. You aren't trying to hurt the other, just try and win. Small practice sessions don't need a moderator and don't need to follow the fighting guidelines, unless you want to see who would win and test their abilitys.

Quarrel- this is a fight over a disagreement or to sort another matter out. The winner would get whatever was decided beforehand.

Rank- a wolf challenges another for a rank in the pack. If the challenger wins, they get the rank and if they loose they stay were they were. However, the alpha can change ranks after the fight. Most alpha's respect the fight unless they have a reason not to, but sometimes might not. If the omega challenged the delta and won, the alpha might put the omega in subordinate or warrior.

Injure- if one wolf wants to injure another, either as a form of punishment or something else, the wolf would either sit there and take the injury or fight to see whether the attacker can perform the injure.

Pack- a wolf wants to challenge the alpha to take over the pack. However, if the attacker looses, they also loose their life. If they win, they take control over the whole pack.

Death- this is a death match, a fight to the death. However the attacker would need a good reason for wanting the other wolf dead.

If a wolf wants to fight one of these, your wolf has 3 choices. Either stay and fight, run away (and hope they don't catch you!) or howl for help. If you do call and no one comes, you will have to fight but will have a disadvantage of not being able to do any move for the first round.

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