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The RPG Rules

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The RPG Rules

Post by Admin on Mon May 01, 2017 7:33 pm

1. Be friendly and kind to all, and treat others with respect. Your wolves may fight, but you may not! Contact an admin or moderator if someone violates these rules.

2. Preferably be at lest age 13. This is a PG-13 rated rpg site, so it may be inappropriate at times for younger viewers. Please keep romance and violence to a minimum. For breeding scenes do 'fade to black' and fighting scenes you may describe it and the wounds but not in graphic detail. On this system, keep it to a 1 or occasionally a 2 if needed.

3. Your wolf can die/be killed. Once dead, that's it for the wolf. If died and the body isn't recovered, then the corpse will stay there until it has decomposed. A wolf can die from wounds, famine, illness, old age or be killed.

4. Pups can be played when they reach 7 weeks old. If a pup is younger than that, you must wait until it is 8 months old before you can role play with it. Look here for a pup development cycle.

5. Each post must have at lest 150 words, but more is encouraged. This is a semi-literate rpg site, so try to spell accurately and have correct grammar. Don't forget that there is the lovely spell check available on most devices. We don't expect amazing posts, just that you put some effort into them.

6. One codeword is ice-cream. Make sure you put this in your sign up, so you might want to take a note of it.

7. Pack ranks may change at any time.

8. Your wolf can only be in one place at a time (e.i the lake) but may be in more than one thread if it is in the same area.

9. The breeding season is January, February and March so that the pups can be born in spring. The gestation period is 2 months, to pups can be born in March, April and May.

10. Wolves reach breeding age at 2 years of age, although some decide to wait until they are older.

11. Each month in real time is 2 months in role playing time. So the months go like this:

Jan -- Jan, Feb
Feb -- Mar, Apr
Mar -- May, Jun
Apr -- Jul, Aug
May -- Sep, Oct
Jun -- Nov, Dec
Jul -- Jan, Feb
Aug -- Mar, Apr
Sep -- May, Jun
Oct -- Jul, Agu
Nov -- Sep, Oct
Dec -- Nov, Dec

12. No power playing without clear permission from the moderators or the other player. (Ex. He killed him in one swift blow, she was beautiful and they all loved her)

13. 1 character is allowed at the start, and another after 10 posts. Then one more character is allowed after 2 months of joining. After that, you must ask a mod/admin for another character slot. Each character must be made on a separate account.

14. Play in third person and past tense. However, thoughts and speech may be made in first person and present tense.

15. These wolves are grey wolves. Please keep coat colouring just to the Grey wolf. Other colours and species can be bought in the shop using bones.

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