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Post by Admin on Sun May 21, 2017 2:33 pm

Bones are a type of currency. A whole variety can be bought using them. There are a few ways to get bones. Each post you make earns 1 bone, each subject earns 3 bones, and each day earns 1 bone. There are also contests and giveaways to earn bones and items from the bone shop.
All time mentioned here is RPG time not real life time

These are the items available and their price.

Accessories (50 bones each):

Satchel- Slung over one shoulder, used to carry items. Lasts 2 years.

Necklace- Choose either a pendent, pearl necklace or a plain chain. Lasts 3 years.

Bracelet- Choose either bangle or charm bracelet. Can make a noise when moving so may make it harder to stalk prey and creep up. Lasts 3 years.

Instruments (60 bones each):

Flute- A wolf must have agile fingers, a soft touch and a gentle blow. Lasts 2 years.

Drum- A cogo-style drum made with animal skin or leather and can be played with paws. Lasts 2 years.

Wolf Eye Additions:

See colour- Your wolf will be able to see colour instead of black and white. 45 bones

Tears- Your wolf will be able to cry and have a tear duct. 50 bones

Unusual Eye Colour- Your wolf can have a colour which isn't normal. However no patterns just one solid colour. 55 bones

These are viewed as genetic traits, and are rare. If a parent has one, there is a 4% chance of passing it down to one or more of their offspring up to their grand-child. So each parent or grand parent that has one gives 4% more chance to their offspring. For example one of their grand parents and both their parents had the same type of eye trait, then it would be a 12% chance that their pup would have it to. This only applies to pups born after it was bought.


Deaf- A wolf that can't hear. 100 bones

Blind- A wolf that can't see. 95 bones

Mute- A wolf that can't speak. 80 bones


Page- One page of a book, lasts 6 months. 20 bones

Small book- 20-40 pages, lasts 1 year. 30 bones

Medium book- 50-100 pages, lasts 1 year and 6 months. 35 bones.

Large book- 200-350 pages, last season 2 years and 6 mobths. 50 bones.

Small book and bigger can be used to get badges if completed within the time that they last.
Large book can be split into two different sections (e.g half medicine and half extract) to try and get two badges.

work in progress...

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